Do Crowns Need Special Care?

Dental crowns are typically used for making repairs to teeth which have been damaged through decay or physical damage. They are often implemented when a filling cannot provide a strong enough fix. Crowns can be made from several different materials like alloys, porcelain, ceramic, and even porcelain fused to an alloy. The material that a crown is made of can be preferential, but in some cases, the material may depend on the damage to the tooth. Crowns may also be used as part of a larger dental procedure to make sure they can safely support other devices like bridges.

What Is the Purpose of Dental Crowns?

Crowns not only repair teeth, but also help to maintain a healthy smile. When teeth suffer damage, they can become susceptible to ongoing problems caused by decay. By restoring a tooth to its natural state, it stops decay from occurring. Crowns stop decay in two ways. First, a crown helps make the surface of the tooth more even which will make it easier to brush it properly. When a tooth is damaged badly enough to receive a crown, the irregular surface of the tooth makes it easier for bacteria to go untouched by a toothbrush. The second way crowns can promote a healthy smile is by eliminating the pain experienced from a damaged tooth. Often, teeth become more difficult to clean due to the pain of a damaged tooth. After a crown is installed sensitivity and pain in the teeth should reside, making it easier to brush normally once again.

Watch What You Eat

The foods you eat can be really important to not only your body’s health, but also your crown’s health. There are some foods that have the potential to damage your crown if not careful. Hard foods should be avoided or eaten with moderation as they can cause your crown to crack. Some of these foods include hard candies and nuts.

Dental Care Tips

Dental crowns don’t generally require special dental care compared to natural teeth, but it is important to maintain proper dental hygiene whenever possible. Good dental hygiene consists of flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day with regular visits for teeth cleanings. We recommend that you come and see us at River Valley Smile Center at least once every six months. We can provide you routine teeth cleanings, check the condition of your crowns, and additional tips for making sure your crowns last a long time. Gives us a call at 749-646-0706 to make an appointment today.