Are Braces Only for a Pleasing to Look-At Smile?

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There are many people who wonder why they should consider braces. After all, their smile may be a little crooked, but they don’t see anything wrong with keeping their teeth where they are. After all, braces are just there to make your smile look better, right? No, that is not the case. It is a pleasing side effect, but that is not the point behind getting braces. In fact, the health of your mouth could depend on you straightening your teeth if they are crooked enough.

Why Consider Braces?

The main reason for getting braces is to improve the overall health of your mouth. The truth is, when your teeth are crooked, there are gaps in your mouth where your toothbrush simply cannot get to as effectively. This could increase your chance of developing cavities, which could even lead to tooth loss. By straightening out your teeth, they move into proper alignment, and from there, become easier to brush and floss. When you come in for cleanings, we can get each tooth totally clean, and floss carefully between each of your teeth to ensure they stay healthy.

The other benefit of having braces is that when your teeth move, your bite becomes more natural as well. Your teeth come down in a safer manner, meaning you are less likely to experience chipped or cracked teeth. If your teeth come together in an unnatural way, it could lead to painful damage that needs restoration down the line.

While it is nice to have straighter teeth for yourself and others to look at, that is just a sideline benefit of having braces put on. They help shift your teeth into a more natural bite and they make them easier to keep clean and healthy. Now that you know the real reason behind braces, is it becoming something you are going to give a little more thought and attention to?

Want to Know More About Our Braces Options? Call Us Today!

If you want to know what options we have in terms of braces, how long you would need to wear them, and what the cost would be, then don’t hesitate to call us here at River Valley Smile Center and schedule a consultation. We would love to sit down with you and figure out what we can do to help improve the health of your smile. Reach out to us today!

Top Things to Know Prior to Getting Dental Implants

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Dental implants are one of the top ways of replacing missing teeth. They are an ideal fix for a single missing tooth, random missing teeth around your mouth, or even an entire arch replacement. However, it is important that you know what to expect before you consider implants to be a viable option. Here are some important things you should know about implants so you can decide if they are right for you.

You Need Good Quality and Quantity of Bone to Get Them

One of the most important factors in getting a dental implant is the bone that you have in your jaw. It needs to be a good quantity, sufficient enough to hold the post, and also a good quality bone. Bone that is overly porous is not as strong, and will not hold the post as well. If you do not have the right amount or quality of bone, you may need a bone graft to ensure that your bone is able to hold the post long-term.

Smokers May Not Be Able to Get Dental Implants

There are several problems with smoking and the dental implant process. First, smoking is unhealthy and will make your gums and bones less likely to accept the implants. Second, the process of smoking causes suction in your mouth. This can cause the implants to pull out after they are installed. This can also dislodge the post of the implant after it gets placed. If you want to give implants a chance to heal properly, then you need to quit until the implants have fully healed.

Your Overall Health Must Be Well Controlled

Most health problems are not an issue when it comes to getting dental implants, so long as they are controlled properly. However, you need to also note that a few medical issues could stop you from being eligible for implants. Things like having HIV, blood disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, and some immune problems could prevent you from getting implants.

In order to find out more about dental implants, call us here at River Valley Smile Center. Let us know what it is you want to know more about, and we will help answer all of your questions. We help people with dental implants regularly, and would love to help you, too. Call us today, and let us help you restore the smile and the functionality you lost when you lost teeth.

Maintain the Bright White of Fresh Tooth Whitening

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When you recently had your teeth whitened, it is a great look. Your teeth shine and you want to show off your smile to the world – as you should. In order to keep that look, you need to make sure that you carefully consider what items to have as part of your diet afterwards. Many foods and drinks can lead to discolored, or fully stained teeth. If you want to keep that bright, white look for as long as possible, then make sure to eat these foods and drink these beverages sparingly.

Foods to Limit in Your Diet for Whiter Teeth

There are many food products you need to be careful of after newly whitened teeth. For example, pretty much anything tomato based should be strictly limited. Tomatoes are great at staining the teeth, plus the high acidic content can lead to increased instances of cavities. You should also avoid curries, as those spices tend to increase the chances of your teeth taking on a yellow or orange hue.

Beverages You Should Limit to Avoid Dulling Your While Smile

Many beverages can dull your smile. Consider limiting both tea and coffee, as the tannins can lead to much darker teeth quickly. Wine and colas also culprits when it comes to stained teeth. You should also limit fruit juices like grape juice, and vegetable juices like beet juice. That way, you can avoid the stains that come with those drinks.

Oral Hygiene is Key to Prolonging the Whitening Effect

The other thing you need to make sure you do is keep up with the right oral hygiene routine. This means morning and night, you brush. Once per day, you also floss and use a really good mouthwash that has no alcohol in it. You also come back in and see us for regular checkups. That way, we can keep your white teeth looking stunning as long as possible.

If you make sure to keep these foods in your diet sparingly, then your white smile is sure to last as long as possible. We should also mention that smoking is a very quick way of dulling those gorgeous white teeth, so if you do smoke, you may want to consider quitting. It is great for your health if you do quit! For more information, tips on keeping your white teeth whiter, or if you want ideas on how to quit smoking, call us here at River Valley Smile Center, today!

Why Your Tooth May Hurt and What to Do Until We Can See You

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There are many reasons you could wind up with a toothache. One of the most common is a cavity, or a small hole in your tooth that is starting to decay. This can let in a lot of bacteria and cause pain, especially if it forms down by the root or nerve of your tooth. However, that is not the only reason your tooth may hurt. The only way to know the cause for sure is to come in and let us take a look. Here are a few things you can do to manage your discomfort until your appointment with us.

Ways of Easing a Toothache

Assuming your tooth is not obviously cracked or broken, then the first thing you should do is to brush your teeth. That way, if the pain stems from an item stuck by your tooth, you may dislodge it and the pain could stop. You should also make sure to floss in the area to help ensure that the area is totally clean. Next, you should make sure to rinse your mouth out really well. If you are at home, then you should rinse with a warm salt water rinse. This helps to rid the mouth of excess bacteria and can help heal up anything open in your mouth. This should be about one cup of warm water (not hot), and about a teaspoon of salt, mixed until it is dissolved.

You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers that are safe for you. The best options are ones that reduce inflammation, such as ibuprofen. However, you can take acetaminophen as well and still get some relief. If the pain is getting difficult to manage, then you may want to alternate between heat and ice on the area that hurts. You shouldn’t do more than a few minutes on and a few minutes off, but rotating back and forth should bring you some relief.

Call Our Offices for Help

If you find yourself with a toothache, call us here at River Valley Smile Center. We know how devastating a toothache can be when it comes to trying to go about your regular routine. Let us look and see what is going on, and talk to you about what treatment options you have. Should you develop a fever before your appointment, call us back and let us try and squeeze you in on an emergency basis to ensure you are not developing an infection.

Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

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Even one missing tooth can lead to major oral problems.

So, you have recently, or maybe not so recently, lost one of your teeth. It cracked on something, and broke in a way that was not salvageable. It should not be anything major you need to worry about, after all, it was just one tooth, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Even a single missing tooth can lead to a wide range of problems. It is important that you figure out a way to treat that missing tooth before it damages your entire mouth. The longer it is left, the more damage it has the potential to do.

What Can One Missing Tooth Really Do?

Many people think that just one little missing tooth will not do much, but that one tooth can have a domino effect. First, your teeth begin to shift because there is now and open space where there was not one before. Second, your gums pull back because there is nothing there to hold on to. This can cause receding gums on the surrounding teeth as well. Third, your body believes that there is no need to have bone tissue in the jaw beneath where that one tooth was, so it begins to reabsorb the bone. This leads to bone loss in the entire area and can lead to a whole host of missing teeth.

What Options Are There to Correct Just One Tooth?

You have several options when it comes to missing teeth. First, you have a bridge. This is a false tooth that sits on your gums, and the device is attached to nearby teeth for stability. It keeps the teeth in place, and it keeps your gums and bone from pulling back. Next, you have the dental implant. This is a false tooth that is put in your mouth by means of a post put into your jaw with a false tooth on top. It acts just like your natural tooth, and keeps your entire mouth healthier and stronger.

Do you want to find out more about what we can do to help? Then give us a call here at River Valley Smile Center. We love helping people get their smiles back, and we would love to help you, too. Don’t ignore just one missing tooth, thinking it is no big deal. It is a big deal, and it can be corrected. It all starts with just a phone call to us!